In light of the growing concern around coronavirus, we’d like to share what we are doing to keep our patients healthy while still providing the best eyecare around. We are also now offering an alternative to in office visits. You can schedule a virtual visit with your doctor using the EyecareLive app.

Here’s what you need to know about scheduling your virtual visit:

What does a virtual visit mean?

You can save a trip into the office and have a video call via the EyecareLive App

Which appointments qualify for a virtual visit?

Urgent needs like red eye, pink eye, remote monitoring, and follow-up care.

Which appointments are excluded from a virtual visit?

Comprehensive eye exams, special in office testing.

*If you are unsure, just ask us! You can send messages to us via EyecareLive too.

How much does it cost?

Like our many other services, the cost varies based on the level of the eye condition and your insurance coverage.

When are appointments available?

During normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

How do I schedule a virtual visit?

Download the EyecareLive app using the link below. Select us as your preferred provider under “Find My Doctor” (in the app menu) and Click Schedule a Consultation. You’ll describe your reason for the visit and take pictures of your eyes if needed. **Be sure to follow the instructions in the app.

What happens next?

The Doctor will have a video call with you via EyecareLive which looks a lot like a Facetime call.


To download the EyecareLive App:


App Store:

Google Play Store: