Specialty Eyewear

Protecting Your Eyes for Workdays, Weekends, and Everything Inbetween

Up Your Game With Sports Eyewear

Whether it’s golf, hockey, or ping pong, eyesight is a crucial part of play for most of us. We’ve got the right eyewear to improve your performance, protect your eyes, and keep you focused on what matters: having fun.

Protecting Your Vision

When you go out to play, you take the necessary safety precautions. Helmet, knee pads, mouth guard, knee brace… but what about your eyes? Protective eyewear will shield your eyes from accidental injuries, and make sure nothing gets in the way of you doing what you do. After all, you know what they say: it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Play With Precision

Corrective lenses don’t have to slow you down. Sports eyewear is designed to keep up with you when you’re on your game; offering protection without limiting your acuity. Plus, tinted lenses can make the most of any light, taking your vision to the next level.

Eyewear That Works and Plays as Hard as You Do

Playing it safe doesn’t have to mean compromising style. We carry cool, trendy protective sports eyewear that’s up for a challenge. This eyewear is built to last from durable materials, so no matter how rough you play, your eyes are always ready for your next move.

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Caring for Your Eyes With Safety Eyewear

Many people think that because they’re wearing glasses, their eyes are protected. This isn’t necessarily true. Safety glasses are built from strong materials to withstand much heavier impact than a standard pair of spectacles.

Making Sure Your Safety Eyewear Up to Scratch

Safety frames and lenses are put through rigorous testing before they hit the market to make sure they can withstand whatever you throw at them. Safety eyewear is tested for:

  • High mass impact – This is essentially a crush test. Eyewear only passes if the lense stays completely within the frame.
  • Durability – Materials are put through a number of durability tests using fire, corrosive chemicals, and a number of other variables.
  • High velocity impact – Here, a small steel ball is shot at the product from various angles. If the lenses and frames stay intact, they pass.

No Need to Sacrifice Sight for Safety

You might think that non prescription lenses are the better option for your goggles. But testing indicates that prescription safety lenses are actually thicker than non prescription lenses, and therefore sturdier. Remember: proper eyesight contributes to everyone’s safety. Make sure your safety eyewear lenses fit your prescription.

Let Us Help Keep Your Eyes Safe

Protecting your eyes doesn’t have to be difficult. We offer an excellent range of safety goggles and glasses for any activity. Come in today, and let us find you the right safety eyewear for your needs.