Seniors Eye Exams

Seniors Eye Exams: Keeping an Eye on Your Changing Vision

Unfortunately, some loss of vision and eye diseases are an inevitable part of getting older. The best way to minimize a loss of eyesight is to get ahead of the problem. Regular eye exams mean we can look for eye diseases before you notice any symptoms, stay on top of your changing eye care needs, and keep your prescription up to date.

Seniors aged 60 and over should have annual eye exams.

What to Expect From Our Seniors Eye Exams

At Wake Family Eye Care, your concerns are our priority. We will thoroughly test your eyes’ acuity, functionality, and overall health, and make a point of looking for any signs of disease. We’ll also spend time talking about your results with you; answering any questions you might have and making sure you understand everything we’ve told you. We want you to leave feeling satisfied and confident in the care you’ve received.

Some Eye Diseases Set in Without Warning

Just because you haven’t noticed any changes in your vision doesn’t mean you’re safe from eye diseases. Conditions like glaucoma can cause irreversible damage before you’ve even noticed any symptoms.

Seniors are at higher risk for eye disease, which is why we are specially equipped to screen for early indicators of diseases like age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Older Eyes Deserve New Glasses

Eyewear technology has come a long way in recent years. If you’ve been wearing the same pair of glasses for a long time, you may be missing out on some of the exceptionally innovative eyewear that’s currently available.

We pride ourselves in not only offering fashion forward frames, but quality lenses too. Progressive lenses give you the same correction as bifocals without the jarring line through the centre of the lense. Transition lenses adjust to sunlight, automatically protecting your eyes when you’re in the sun, then returning to normal indoors. If you’re a heavy computer user, ask us about a special lens coating that protects your eyes from digital eye strain.

Browse our selection of eye care products, and discover what kind of innovative eye wear is in store for you.

Cataract Surgery: Bringing Back Crisp, Clear Vision

More Information About Cataract Surgery

Cataracts affect most seniors in one way or another, creating cloudy and dulled vision.

Currently, the most effective treatment is to surgically remove the lense of your eye, replacing it with a new one. Most patients report a massive improvement in the clarity and quality of their vision after the procedure.

Once we’ve decided you’re a good candidate for surgery, we’ll refer you to an experienced and trustworthy ophthalmologist.

How Does the Surgery Work

This process is relatively simple. Your doctor will remove the old, cloudy lense, and implant a new one into your eye. This procedure is remarkably safe, and done with staggering accuracy. However, there are some risks and limitations which we will discuss with you before referring you for surgery.